In harmony with the atmosphere of the new spring, Bach Tuoc So happy family awaits the opening ceremony of "Screaming of traditional" and exciting activities.

Spring atmosphere is bustling with enchanting lucky envelopes, besides the gifts make the atmosphere more vibrant

MC Huynh Thanh Tung gave the whole family some exciting and exciting games
Light boot is the "I need you to have" game. Speak quietly,
but the memorabilia of the Bach Tuoc So JSC members all make requests Heavy capital from the Host of the program

From the ceiling to ... take off all ..... outerwear, our mems are ready to participate enthusiastically

The young people of the Bach Tuoc So JSC had to say very well to play?
From the phone to ..... well .Go to the decisive item to find the final winner

And once again congratulate the winning team
On behalf of the Board of Directors - Mr. Pham The Minh sent a happy new year to the people of the octopus number.
At the same time, open the spring festival in 2019

Congratulations to the Board of Directors who were the first to bring lucky fortune.
To start the lucky money at the beginning of the year is very attractive

This year the Bach Tuoc So JSC of our house is too much, so the lucky money is the right one

This year Bach Tuoc So JSC is too rich, so the lucky money is the right one

2019 is what has to be doubled, tripled compared to the previous year. The lucky money must be dozens of bags or more

Not only lucky money, but fortune also has gifts, cakes, sweet drinks, not so much hug

The whole family continued to heat up the air with the game "Gathering from spring" .
The game rules are extremely simple: The team that has the longest spring wish and the best idea is winning

SO suprising! This team won again?? I can't believe it

The program "Screaming early in the year" received an instant gift of the Bach Tuoc So JSCr ended in the excitement and excitement of all employees
Once again, wish the entire population "Bach Tuoc So" a Spring Pig - Achieve many victories

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